Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Take your own advice.

So this morning, I was reading through my blog feed and Roni (a blogger I follow) had a blog on "10 things you tell your friends that you should tell yourself" and it was such an inspiring post. There are so many times I look in the mirror thinking I'm not good enough, or I wish I looked like so and so, I hate my body, I wish I didn't get upset over know. ALOT of things that I wish I could change about myself. I don't really recognize my self-worth and that's SUCH a problem.

Time after time, I find myself giving my friend's advice...and thinking "Kari, what kind of person are you to give them advice that you can't even take yourself?!"

And it's so true. My friend Katie has been going through a tough break-up (as have I) and I always tell her:

"Just be patient, the right guy is out there"

"It may not get better today, or tomorrow, but it will eventually, just give it time"

"Be happy with yourself first, that's all that matters"

Why can't I tell myself those things? Why can't I take my own advice and boost my own confidence?

So starting today (or trying to start today) every time I give my friend some encouraging advice, I'm gonna secretly give myself some advice :)

And by the way y'all...the new iOS7 update is SWEET! 

Text messages look all cute & girly now.

Inbox view.

The iTunes Radio is probably the best idea EVER. It's like Pandora, with the option to buy the song at the top. LOVE THIS!

New icons!