Monday, September 30, 2013

He's just not that into you...

YA'LL. are the highlights, lowlights & lessons learned of my weekend:

1.) If you even have to question if he is or not...he's just NOT that into you.
2.) LSU LOST :( wahhhhhh!
3.) Keep your true friends close. Especially when they deal with your BS.
4.) Your mom...she always knows best. ALWAYS.
5.) Backroads, country music, beer & friends...cures almost anything.
6.) Having sisters is probably the greatest blessing God has ever given me.

So this week has been pretty much one of those weekends you look back at and say, "WOW. That's the weekend my life turned around." Ok maybe that was a little dramatic, but seriously. I feel like I really learned a lot about life, myself, and other people this weekend, and it all kind of got put into perspective for me. I got closure from an ex-boyfriend that I've really been waiting on for the past month or so, I realized that true friends are very rare & that you need to appreciate the ones that you have, I realized that nothing feels better than a night with your friends cruising the backroads and singing country music at the top of your lungs, I came to the conclusion that my mom's advice is ALWAYS spot on whether I like to take it at the time or not, and I realized that my sisters are really the most wonderful treats EVER that God has put in my life.

Over the weekend, I read the book "He's Just Not that into You" on iBooks, and let me tell you...that book is probably the most straightforward piece of advice I've ever laid my eyes on. It was kind of like listening to advice from a friend that you KNOW is telling you the truth...but you just don't wanna hear it. That being said, it really opened my eyes up to my last relationship that failed...and I have no intentions of ever going back down that road again (which I really wanted to these past few weeks). It was the closure I needed. My best friend posted a quote on Instagram last week and it really spoke to me. It said..

"The moment you have to prove your worth to someone is the moment you should absolutely and utterly walk away."

So that being said, I went into this weekend with a really clear mind. Kind of like a fresh start that I've BEEN needing. I went to my dad's house to watch the LSU/Georgia football game this weekend. THEY FREAKING LOST. Grrrrrr. No pun intended on growling like a tiger when talking about the Tigers, ha. Since the game was early (2:30)...I kind of got my night started early too...meaning I had a little too much to drink. And by like 7...those 6 Bud Light Platinums were really making me feel a little adventurous. So 4 of my friends and I decided to go "ghost hunting" at a haunted cemetary right up the road. Needless to say, it didn't really turn into a ghost hunt. We were all way too scared, so drove thru instead...and nothing happened. So yeah. That's how that went. After that, we rode backroads, listented to music, and just had a really genuinely good time. I love nights like that. Nights where you can just hang out with your friends, enjoy the country life, and sing relatable songs at the top of your lungs. That always works out. I realized that my friends really are those friends that I can't live without. I mean...who really WANTS to ride around until 3 AM and listen to my shout out lyrics to every depressing song ever written? Not many I'm very grateful for my friends that are there for me no matter what. They always step up when I need them.

Another highlight of my weekend was spending time with my mom and my sisters. My mom actually lives about 2 hours away, so it isn't often that I get to see her. When I do, it's always nice though. She cooks up some good homecooked meals & gives me advice to stuff that always comes back to prove it's credibility (like the ex-boyfriend she told me to get away from months ago). And yesterday evening, me, my 8 year old sister, my 22 year old sisters and my 2 nephews piled up in bed and took a Sunday nap after a much needed afternoon together just bonding, talking, painting our nails, you know..just stuff sisters should do together. I love days like that.

Actually I just love weekends like that. They really make you thankful for the little things in life.

Obviously my nephew Levi wasn't up for my photo shoot.

But my youngest nephew Liam was...

Mom time!

Not a real post unless you post a selfie. 

My one and only niece, Mercy

Game day...night. Obviously I was a struggle at this point in the night. 

Sister time!

Ok y'all. Until next time :) let me know how y'all's weekend was!