10 Pound Presents

10 Pound Presents
I figured it would be really cool to make a list of 10 Pound Presents for myself, and everytime I reach another 10 pounds of weightloss, I reward myself with a present. I mean...that's one way to motivate yourself, right?!

I plan on losing 70 pounds to reach my goal, so that means...7 presents! I will mark through them as I go, so wish my luck ya'll!

1st 10 pounds- New tennis shoes for work
2nd 10 pounds- Medium scrub pants for work
3rd 10 pounds- New hair extensions
4th 10 pounds- Fitbit scale
5th 10 pounds- Kitchen table
6th 10 pounds- Tattoo'ed eyeliner
7th 10 pounds- iPad or Macbook