Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Not even the scale can get me down.

Or so I say at least...

If you've been keeping up with me over the past week, you should know that this whole diet thing has been going...ummm...less than pleasant. Especially after I ate like a cow this weekend.

Yesterday wasn't too much better either. Well it wasn't BAD, but it wasn't wonderful. For breakfast I stopped at the convenient store on my way to work and picked up a Yoo-Hoo (my weakness) and a chicken and cheese crispito. That was my breakfast. Not the smartest choice I've made. For coworker and I went to McDonalds and each ate a grilled chicken patty by itself dipped in BBQ sauce. That was probably the smartest decision of the day. And last but not least, my ex-boyfriend and I (yeah...weird) went to his parent's house and had a bowl of gumbo. If you aren't aware of what gumbo is...let me tell you. That is like the best dish from the south. It's sort of like rice and gravy, with chicken and sausage...and whatever else you feel like adding. It's pretty good. But not too smart either. That was all I ate yesterday. So it was a so-so day. I still lost a little, but I'm still not very happy with where I am weight wise. I'm still a pound or two heavier than I was at this point last week, which is kind of disappointing. But I won't give up. I'm just going to push even harder now.

Even though this has been such a short week at work, I can't WAIT for the weekend. What are ya'll all up to?! Let me know where you guys stand. I'll try to post pictures this evening, and if not...I will tomorrow. Have a good day ya'll!