Low-Fat Foods

This is going to be a list I'm going to compile of low-fat foods that keep my calories and/or fat down. I'm on the go A LOT, so I have to get drive-thru a bunch but I have found a lot of options for when you're on the road and some for when you're at home too. If you have any of your own you would like to share, please do!


Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich-------350 Cal-9G
Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken---290 Cal-----8G
Premium Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken------190 Cal-----5G
Side Salad-------------------------------------20 Cal-----0G
Fruit and Yogurt Parfait-----------------------150 Cal-----2G
Hashbrown--------------------------------------150 Cal-----9G
Medium Premium Roast Iced Coffee---------------190 Cal-----7G