Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lowest of a good way!

Hey ya'll. Soooo I have some pretty amazing news! I now officially weigh the lowest I've weighed in about 5 years. I know you are probably so annoyed that I won't blurt out the numbers right now, but trust's coming. I only have 14 pounds to go until I tell ya'll where I started off at and where I'm at now. So just keep the good vibes coming and you will get to hear the big secret rather sooner than later :)

This week has been a really tough week diet wise. I've hit a plateau. According to MyFitnessPal...the weight chart, it doesn't really look like a plateau, but I've been battling between the same 3 pounds for almost a week now, and it's really annoying. I need to get out of this, and I really haven't done much research to be honest of what I should do to come out of a plateau. So if you have ANY success with this or any words of encouragement...I would LOVE to hear it.

One thing I've noticed is how much water helps when dieting. If I'm consistently drinking water all day, I don't really want to eat. I know, I know. A bunch of small little meals are the best thing for you...but see...I just can't do that. I don't really have a reason why. I just can't. I mean I can snack on chocolate like nobody's business...but that's way unhealthy. So I'll stick to my 3 tiny meals a day and lots of water. UNLESS getting out of my plateau will involve many micro-meals.

Other than the diet thing, I've been sick this week, so I don't really have any other exciting news. Keep me in ya'll thoughts this week though, because I have about 4 more pounds to go until I'm at another pound that ends in "0" and like I've mentioned before...those are my FAVORITE. It's almost like a milestone.

I'm also looking into some cool at home, living room excercises so if any of ya'll wanna share your routines, I would love to know them too! :)

On a completely different subject...I'm kind of obsessed with reality shows. Well, to be honest...I'm REALLY OBSESSED with reality shows. The Bachelor/Bachelorette series is my weakness. Right now, it's off the other shows I'm into at the moment are Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Rivals- Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Duck Dynasty, Teen Mom 3, and Honey Boo-Boo. So that is pretty much my nightly TV routine. Sighhhhhhh, life of a single girl.

Speaking of single...I got some pretty funny advice today from a coworker..."Don't expect a guy to just come knocking at your door...well, unless you throw a nail out in the street."

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Godly goal.

Happy Tuesday y'all. 

Ok not really HAPPY because its only Tuesday and I kind of feel like from Monday on, I'm completely focused on the weekend. That's a bad way to live life- I just realized how depressing and negative that sounded. So maybe I should be more positive. Lets try this again

IT'S TUESDAY Y'ALL! Ahhhhhhh! I love Tuesdays. I cant even stand it. I love waking up and it not being Monday. I love how tomorrow is midweek. Ok. I give up. This is dumb. You get the point, it's Tuesday and I'm sure I don't have to fill y'all in on that ;) 

Back to the basics. So I don't really want to blog about what I ate today or how wonderful my diet is going (which btw is going pretty spectacular). I would rather focus on something that has been weighing pretty heavy on my heart these past couple of days. 

God. I don't think I've talked about my spiritual life on here before, but I figured why not?! I know people have their opinions and stuff but I mean really. I'm not going to hide who I am because of what others think. God is the most important thing in my life. I feel like I have so much room to grow in my spiritual life, by no means am I perfect, but here lately, God has really blessed me and really shown me how he can work in my life. I have a really bad tendency of leaning on God when I'm having a hard time. Well, I don't know if that's a bad thing necessarily, but it causes me to feel extremely guilty that I don't focus on him as much as I should when I'm happy or when things are going good for me. It's like the second I see heartbreak, or the second things go downhill in my life...I turn to God. So one of the biggest goals I have set for myself this week is to start having a best friend type of relationship with God. Like it should be. Happy, sad, mad, excited....he's gonna hear about it all :) 

Monday, August 26, 2013


Well hey y'all. I feel like I haven't wrote in this thing in forever which in reality it's only been like 3 days'ish...if that's even a word?!

But yeah. I'm downsizing scrub pants and I couldn't be more excited. I'm going to a MEDIUM. And that sounds pretty skinny. Which I'm far from skinny but least I'm not ashamed to check out at the store with my medium scrub pants like I was with the large. Lol. Still not down a size in my top though. GRRRRR. I have pretty large tata's so that may be my excuse in that department. Although that excuse won't last forever.

But yeah, I'm feeling pretty good today. It's nice when you can see results in your clothes. Like I've never been so happy about busting a sag. Seriously.

SOOO! There's my feelings in a nutshell. What have y'all been up to?! Any fun stories? Let me hear em because I'm kind of sitting here staring at the rain for the rest of the evening. Hah. 

You can't really see my baggy pants there. Ugh. Let me try this again....

There's a better idea...and last but not least. A facey. My terminology for a selfie of the face ;)

Ok. Bye. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

10 pound presents.

So I decided that rewarding myself for every ten pounds I lose would be a pretty cool way to keep me motivated. So for every ten pounds lost, here are things I'm going to reward myself with. Let me know what y'all do to stay motivated?!

 I've already reached my first goal and got me some cute Nike's for work :) 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Love and Food.

Well y'all. love and food. Two of the most important things in life...or my life at least. 

But really. I noticed something really ironic today. I eat most when I'm happy and in love. I think alot of people can relate to that. I find that I have really packed on the pounds when I was happiest in my 2 serious relationships. What makes this even more ironic is the fact that as soon as I kiss that "love" goodbye...I start losing weight and motivation to get skinny pops up basically out of nowhere. It's weird. But it makes sense. So now I've finally pinpointed what makes me fat, and I'm going to blame the boys :) that's about to change though. Old habits die hard and I'm about to nip this one in the butt. From now on, I'm going to eat to survive, not survive to eat. 

Finally I'm gonna post a picture for y'all because I downloaded the blogger app where it makes that easy. Woohoo! So take a look. This is the Kari you will NEVER see again. Mark my words. So does anyone want to take some guesses on my weight?! Ugh! 

So I'm pretty psyched that I can post pictures now so I'm just warning y' might get a little crazy around here. Happy Hump Day folks!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pounds that end in zero..

Well the title says it all ya'll. Pounds that end in zero are possibly the best thing EVER! Especially when you cross that bridge and go UNDER the pounds that end in zero. Well that's where I'm at right now. I crossed my first weightloss milestone and I am quite excited over that! I've lost a total of 23 pounds so far (since April).

Ok enough of the bragging. I'm going to change the subject and talk about FOOD. I work at a doctor's office and we have drug reps that cater to us a couple of times a week and bring us they brought fried catfish, chicken strips, hush puppies, and cheesecake. I mean it's REALLY hard to sit here and smell all of that good food and just suffer through it. So guess what? I'm going to have 2 pieces of fried fish dipped in tartar sauce. I mean that isn't THAT bad is it?! I feel like if I cheat every now and then just a LITTLE BIT then I won't want to binge in the longrun. So that's what I'm going to have for lunch and I really hope I don't regret it a few hours from now. Crossing my fingers.

On the other negative side of things, my dad's birthday is tomorrow so my sister is cooking up a big ol' Pinterest inspired meal tonight, and I'm going to join in on the celebration. I'm going to test my willpower for SURE because according my MyFitnessPal...I only have like 700 more calories left for the day. Eeeeeeek. This should be interesting.

I finally got on BlogLovin'. Hopefully I can get some more followers through there because I really feel like noone reads my posts, haha. I would love to hear from you if you do so I know that I'm not putting all my words to waste :)

Other than this diet, not much else has been going on in my life. I'm still single, and I can't say I'm really a fan of that. I've never been the kind of girl that relies on guys for happiness, but I must's much better when you at least have someone to keep you from being lonely. BLAH! Hmmmm...what else...oh yeah. I shattered my iphone 5 for the 2nd time this month last week. Yeah. I know. RIDICULOUS. But the first time I paid $240.00 to get it fixed and I will NEVER make that mistake again. So this time I actually picked all of the broken glass out of my phone with tweezers, peeled off the little adhesive thing, and repaired it myself. Well...almost. I'm still waiting on the new adhesive strip to come in the mail. But after that, it'll be just like new. So before ya'll go pay a ton of money to get your phone screen fixed...if it's possible, just pick the glass out yourself. It ended up costing me a total of $10 to fix my phone. I even researched a little prior to fixing it to see if anyone had success doing it on their own, and I really didn't find anyone that did. Well I'm lying. I found like maybe 2 people out of 50. And I'm not really smart when it comes to all that, but it indeed worked.

Ok now that I rambled about pointless stuff, I'm gonna let ya'll go. But I will update soon. I will add pictures and stuff on here as soon as I figure out how to do all of this from my it shouldn't be long. Take care!

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Blues...

Well it's Monday again ya'll. So another long week at work it is, and for some reason...I'm feeling a little blah today.

On the good side of things though, I weighed today and I'm down another pound! I'm pretty excited about that. I did pretty good this weekend when it came to eating. We celebrated my dad's birthday yesterday at my grandmother's house and I had a bowl of chicken and dumplings, and a fried chicken breast (I know, I know..that part wasn't very smart) but we had a good time. Being that I even lost weight in the process, made it for a GREAT time :)

I'm so excited that I'm finally starting to make some friends on here! I've gotten a couple of e-mails from some of you guys and that really makes me feel like blogging this experience was definitely the right route to take. So feel free to write me anytime, I get SO excited when I get emails!

So far today, I have drank a Yoo-Hoo for breakfast, and oh my gosh...those are by far, the best drinks EVER! I only drank about 2/3 of the bottle, but according to the bottle, there are some pretty good nutrients in those things. I ate a grilled chicken patty dipped in BBQ sauce from McDonalds for lunch which was really good...and surprisingly, it was pretty filling. I've drank a bunch of water which usually keeps me full. Still don't know what I'm doing for supper, but we'll see :) Ya'll enjoy the evening and please feel free to contact me if you wanna chit chat and accompany me in this weight loss journey!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday finally...

So it's Friday ya'll. I can't even tell ya'll how thankful I am for that. I'm thankful for every day but really...Fridays are just the cherry on top.

Last night, I went out to my dad's house to visit & catch some supper. I ate a grilled chicken salad over would've been extremely healthy if I wouldn't have piled on the Mexican shredded cheese and the ranch. I don't even like ranch, but who wants a dry salad?! But wasn't too too bad nutrition wise. I mean it beats a big ol' hamburger and fries any day.

So this weekend, I have no plans. It's the first time in a long time that I can remember just being completely planless. It's kind of nice. I'm thinking tonight I may see if my little sister wants to stay the night with me. She's 8. And she is a DIVA! If she does, I'll definitely post pictures for ya'll. Usually our ideal slumber party consists of painting our toes and nails, and watching re-runs of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

So on the eating side of have had a bag of chips and a piece of watermelon so far. The I have said before, I'm a snacker. And I really have dropped the amount of snacks I eat daily I know it'll take time to eliminate them completely, but I'm trying :) I think instead of eating lunch today, I'm going to the tanning salon. I know that I need to eat and stuff, but I ate enough for breakfast that should carry me on until about 3 P.M'ish. I didn't weigh today. I'm going to try to make it through the entire weekend without let's see how that goes & WISH ME LUCK! Really. I need it. Weekends are so hard for me to stick to my diet. TEMPTATION EVERYWHERE--haha. But I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and I will update ya'll as much as possible! Bye bye friends.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm OBSESSED with seeing results...really.

Well hey again ya'll. Sorry I update so much, I just really feel like this is my way to vent. I like knowing I have all of this stuff documented and can go back and see how I feel every day as well as keep ya'll in the know about what's going on.

Oh and sorry I say "ya'll" so much too. I'm from Louisiana, so I got a little twang ;)

So anyway..let's see get on with the good stuff. Yesterday I felt like I ate SO MUCH! Like I was so full all day and I just kept on eating. I have no idea why, but I've really gotta kick that habit. THANKFULLY it didn't effect me though because this morning when I weighed, I weighed in at the absolute lowest I've weighed since 2009! YAY! I was very excited and I guess I realized that a bunch of little snacks and small meals really are better for you (which everyone's always told me anyway- I've just been too stubborn to believe it) So yeah. You can check out myfitnesspal if ya'll have that app and we can keep up with each other- my username is on the side of my main page somewhere. It's "imkarisanders" if you're lazy and don't wanna look.

I didn't exercise yesterday unfortunately. I really don't like exercise. I know it's really pathetic but I really hate it. I used to say I would rather starve myself than get a good workout in, but I really think that I'm gonna have to change that mindset as well, because results are so much better when you get a good fitness plan. So that's definitely one of my "to-do's" and i'm gonna do it SOON! I have no problem with walking a mile around the block or something every evening when I get home from work, but here lately, I've been so tired by the time I get home. Still...I shouldn't have excuses. How do ya'll do your fitness routine?! I would love to hear what you guys do so I can get my mind right.

So I'm sure all of you are so confused as to why I'm not posting my weight or full body pictures on here yet. Well first of all, I'm not going to post my weight until I get it where I'm comfortable saying it..and I have about 21 more pounds to go. Just know that my BMI is completely ridiculous and my weight is in the "obese" category. Which really gives me a complex. But as soon as I knock out these next 21 pounds, I will make all of that public knowledge :) and if you e-mail me or find me on social media, I will tell you. I'm just not comfortable putting that out there to the world yet and I hope ya'll understand. I do think I'll post a full body picture on here soon though. That doesn't scare me as much.

So this is really random blogging today because I'm typing as I go through my work day, but my old roommate and friend from high school, Katie, is getting married next April and I have got to stay motivated to get in shape for that. Because the other bridesmaids are all cute skinny divas. So ummm, yeah. I have to fit in there. And I love pictures, and I really have to bring my A game ;) I really don't want to be the whale in the sea of beta fish.

Anyway...back to the rambling. I REALLY need some good chocolate snacking options. I crave chocolate literally all day long. And I know I've mentioned this before, but really. What do ya'll do when this happens? I have a big bag of the little Snickers Minis that I love to snack on. I keep it to a minimum of like 2 or 3 a day considering each one is 45 calories...but hey, it's better than the big ol' bar, right? So any reccomendations ya'll have...feel free to share! Hope everyone has a great Thursday...I know I'm sure ready for the weekend, so bring it on Friday!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Let the calorie counting begin...

Well it's day 1 of getting at this diet HARDCORE. I am dead set on getting my body how I want it, and I won't give up until I'm there. As of today, I have lost about 15 pounds total from the heaviest I've ever been. This is over about a 3 week course prior to my start of this blog. I have been looking around on other blogs, and they are so inspiring. It's so nice to actually SEE progress and realize that it's possible. I feel like for so long, I've had this feeling that it's almost impossible to shed all of the weight I want to shed, but after seeing some of these other women out there that have came SO FAR...I have realized that I'm going to do this too, no questions asked. So thank ya'll for having your story out there.

I'm going to rewind a couple of days and tell ya'll what happened on Monday. I went to my primary care doctor to get my prescription of Adderall filled. I have to have that stuff for work. But anyway...I did the routine "weigh in" and the numbers still looked completely obnoxious. UGH. But as I was sitting in the office, talking with my doctor, he said my weight had went down 15 pounds since April at my last visit, and that this is the lowest weight I've been since I've been going to him. WHEWWWWWWW! So that was a breath of fresh air to hear. Even though my weight is nowhere NEAR what I want it to be. But still. Progress. Good progress. I don't know if it's just me, but I have a serious problem when it comes to getting on the scale. When I'm dieting, I have to weight every. single. day. Almost several times a day. I know that's just completely ridiculous and I should do it probably once a week to see more progress, but I CAN'T HELP IT! Ahhhhh! Does anyone else have this problem?! I need tips and tricks to stay away from that thing.

So if any of ya'll want to share with me what ya'll do to keep the calories to a minimum, please let me know. I'm going to try to stay under 1200 calories a day. I'm a really bad snacker, I guess you could call it. I work in a doctor's office, so I'm literally on my butt at a desk all day long craving chocolate. I've actually realized that coffee usually settles that craving, but by the time I load it up with all the cream and sugar...I might as well have had a fun size Snicker bar. Haha. Sad, but true. Anyway. So far this morning (it's 9:18 A.M as I'm writing this) I have already ate a full bag of Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles (which is 450 calories) and a cup of coffee (105 calories). So I don't have many more options today. I really shouldn't have ate those chips...but....BUT NOTHING. I have no excuses. So. HELP!

Tell me what ya'll do to kick the weight fast, I'm dying to know! :) And you can email me if ya'll want. Oh and if someone wants to tell me how to add pictures to this thing...please do.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Keep up with me. Let's get SKINNY!

I clearly remember a couple of years ago, my friend Brittany was in this “I want a tattoo and I want it now” phase. Myself, being the friend that’s always along for the ride, decided to ride with her and witness this whole situation. We were sitting in the parking lot googling “quotes” for her to tattoo down her ribcage; this wasn’t an easy task. We had to find something that wouldn’t sound stupid reading off of her body 30 years from now, but she also wanted something that she could relate to. After a few minutes, I came across this quote that simply said, “Life won’t wait.” Those words have stuck with me since that day, and they really have so much impact on how I feel about my weightloss journey I’m about to experience. Oh and by the way, Brittany did get the tattoo.

So my name is Kari, and I’m 25 years old. I haven’t always been a “big girl”. As a matter of fact, in high school, I was REALLY in shape. Sad thing is, back then…I thought I was huge. PSH, yeah right. I think we all look back at pictures sometimes and just WISH we looked that good now. But I played softball and volleyball in high school, so I was constantly active and constantly getting some kind of work out in.

Now let’s fast forward 6 ½ years. Now I have resorted to comfort eating, emotional eating, bored eating, tasty eating, sitting down at my desk all day long, and reality shows taking over my life. So needless to say, my body has completely gotten out of hand and I don’t even have any excuses anymore. I’ve completely ran out. So now it’s time to do something about it. One of my ultimate goals in life is to have a family of my own. I truly believe that you can’t be fully happy with someone else, until you’re happy with yourself.

So all of that being said, my weight loss journey is not going to start with a bad photo or tight clothes (althought those do play minor factors), it's actually starting off with a bad breakup. I know that sounds completely crazy and 99% of ya'll are going to be like, "REALLY!? Don't change for a man...", but that's not why I want to change. I want to take something negative that happened in my life and turn it into something positive. After all, I wasn't truly happy with myself in that relationship anyway. So I figured if I put my feelings and thoughts into something like bettering myself instead of how I can change a guy's feelings, maybe I can bring more happiness to my next relationship and to myself.

I know I'm capable of being the girl I want to be. But there's alot of things that have happened between 18 year old me and 25 year old me that have caused my confidence to almost go completely down the drain. I actually recall a night at the bar a few years ago, and a fairly attractive guy told me that I "have a pretty face". Talk about an eye opener. However, I got on the scale one day during college not long after that, and realized "WOW. I've GOT to do something, and I've got to do something fast." I was at 200 pounds and it really freaked me out. As traumatizing as it was to see those numbers on the scale, I still didn't really do anything about it. I crash dieted every now and then, got on diet pills, got off, then gained it all back plus some. Nothing ever seemed to work, so I was always starting back at square 1. The painful realization was that I was a 21 year old girl who had packed on fifty pounds since graduating high school. I had no idea what healthy eating even was. For me, a normal meal was my roommates and I riding across the street to the delicious Mexican restaurant that we could never get enough of, salivating over chips, salsa and queso then still having enough room for a three course meal.

So as tough as this is going to be, I'm going to make a promise to myself to do this the right way and shed these pounds so I can finally be myself and be comfortable in my own skin. I read on someone's blog a few days ago that said, "Weight loss has ups and downs, tears and cheers, beliefs and doubts" and that couldn't be more believable. Like I mentioned before, I LOVE FOOD but...nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, right?!

So follow me and my journey and I promise to you guys that I will update this frequently, post pictures, and tell you stories. We can be friends as long as you can keep up :) And remember...LIFE WON'T WAIT.