Wednesday, September 18, 2013

iPhone 5s, iOS7, Selfies & A FREAKING PLEATEAU on Weigh-In Wednesday!

Well as ya'll see there's definitely a bunch to get to today!

I'm gonna start with my technology rant. If you've been following me, you know that I'm a tight wad. Kind of. I'm a tight wad when it comes to spending alot of money on one thing, but I'm actually a compulsive shopper when it comes to a bunch of little things. It's really strange. I just don't like to see my money chunks. So with that being said, I've mentioned before that I broke my screen on my iPhone 5. UGH. And unfortunately, it's over $200 to get it fixed over here in my neck of the woods (I voided my warranty by trying to repair it myself) at the moment, I'm using a ghetto iPhone 4. BLAH. And the iOS7 update comes out today at noon. I'm extremely bummed out that I won't get to experience the full effects of it with my iPhone 5 :( so if ya'll know where I can get a good deal at to replace my iPhone 5 screen...PLEASE let me know. That being said, I'm also kind of jealous they come out with this champagne colored iPhone now. Call me trashy, but I LOVE gold like noone's business. I mean check out these earrings I'm wearing today. 

So either live with this horrific iPhone 4 and keep my money, pay $230 to fix my iPhone 5 screen, sell my broken iPhone on eBay and put that money towards a FULL PRICED iPhone 5s since I'm not due for an upgrade until like December of 2014, or one of you shoot me and idea on how to get that phone screen fixed for cheap.

On to the next topic...weigh-in Wedneday. I'm not going to publicy broadcast how horrible I did this week, but let's just say..the plateau remains in effect and I have lost ONE. FREAKING. POUND. since last week. I guess that's the "right way" to do it and blah blah blah. But it really sucks when you get on the scale to see that...after you worked your @$$ off all week. Whatever. I'm gonna keep the ball rollin' and hopefully see better results next week :)

Soooo....ya'll holler at me and let me know what's up with ya'll.