Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A day in the life of a single, childless, 25 year old full-time worker.

So I decided to dedicate today's post to show you guys what my daily routine is like. I mean, maybe, ya'll will see just how much time I do have...and throw all kinds of tips my way since the last thing I have is the excuse of..."I don't have time". Although, I have used that excuse way more than I would like to admit.

Keep in mind this is my Monday-Friday routine.

5:00 A.M- First alarm goes off. Turn off my alarm, reset it for 6 AM.

6:00 A.M- Second alarm goes off. Turn off my alarm, reset it for 6:30 AM.

6:30 A.M- Press snooze every 5 minutes until 6:55 AM.

6:55 A.M- Get in the bathtub, thumb through my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and emails.

7:15 A.M- Dry my hair, throw it together, find some scrubs in a HURRY, pop in some earrings.

7:30 A.M- Jet out of the door, realize that it takes me 45 minutes to get to work, and STILL continue to leave at the same time every day.

7:30 A.M- 8:10ish- Do my makeup as I'm driving to work while jamming out my "Newbies" playlist on iTunes, which mainly consists of mushy gushy love songs, and depressing breakup songs and well, songs that aren't really "newbies". Well some are...but some are like REALLY old school. 

8:10-8:15 A.M- Arrive at work...LATE. Pour me some coffee with 3 sugars and 3 creams, and a cup of ice water.

8:15-10:30 A.M- Take my adderall, and WORK. LIKE. CRAZY. Have about 5 anxiety attacks in the process because I'm not getting every single thing done within the 30 minutes I wanted to have everything done by. Feel like this during the anxiety attacks: 
10:30 A.M- Realize that I am only 2 1/2 hours into my day and have nothing else to do.

10:30 A.M- 12:00 P.M- BLOG. Text. Look at blogs. Take selfies. Read the news. Look up recipes. 

12:00 P.M- 1:00 P.M- Lunch break. My co-worker, Tressa and I usually take lunch together every day. We usually go to McDonalds, order a grilled chicken patty dipped in BBQ sauce with a small water (90 calories and 1 gram of fat), then we go tan for 20 minutes at the local tanning salon. 

1:00 P.M- 5:00 P.M- Sit here, blog more, text more, drink ALOT of water, work if the opportunity presents itself. Try to figure out the wifi password that the management won't give us. And just. Be here.

5:00 P.M- Rush out of these doors as fast as I can, clock out, jump in my car. Set the same playlist...again.

5:45 P.M- Pull into town...pass up every single amazing fast food restaurant and town. Fight the urge.

5:50 P.M- Get home, check the mail...go inside. Put on some comfy clothes...

*Now this is where I should be exercising*

6:00 P.M- 9:00 P.M- Catch up on my DVR shows, watch anything that looks interesting on TV, think about washing clothes, decide I'll wait for the weekend, frequent the Humor and Quote section of Pinterest on commercial breaks. Save the funny stuff and send to all of my friends. You know...things like this..

9:00-11:00 P.M- It always depends on how tired I'm feeling as to when I go to bed, but it's usually around this time.

So yeah. Now all of you see how much of a life I DON'T have. I mean, it's really bad. So any suggestions that ya'll have on what kind of activities I should do would be pretty awesome. I know I should add some kind of fitness activity into my routine...problem is, sometimes I feel so fat that I HATE being in front of people. I like to be all alone, by myself, and it's hard to do that in a small town. Therefore, I just hardcore diet all the time. It's like I would much rather just compensate in the food department what I'm lacking in the exercise department. DUMB THINKING RIGHT?! So I need advice ya'll...maybe some tips and tricks to get me out of this funk.