Friday, August 29, 2014

Well hello world!

Good news, I'm alive! Bad news, I have hardly any time to blog anymore. Which is annoying, but I'm gonna find a way to make time because I miss it. A lot.

So I'm in a relationship now. Quite possibly the best relationship I've ever been in. Well, actually this IS the best relationship I've ever been in.

More details later! (But here is something to get me by for now)

Other than that- still up and down with my weightless (that hasn't really changed since uhhh a year ago'ish? That needs to change ugh.

In a relationship again means fat and happy, right? Rightttttt but that needs to not happen. So I went and bought some healthy lunch stuff this week to get started on (crossing my fingers I can stick to this).

Ok, I will update this more later when I'm not like passing out from the long week (so tired!)