Saturday, September 14, 2013

Paying my respects to sleep-in Saturdays.

Y'all...I honestly can't even believe I'm about to admit to this. BUT...I slept until freaking 1:45 today. Like in the afternoon. Which means...I'm extremely refreshed and I've wasted like half of my weekend. That's kind of bad. No...that's really bad. But on the bright side of things, that means I haven't ate anything today :) So now that it's 2:00...I'm laying here, in my garden tub, blogging. It's kind of nice though...I mean there aren't many days that I can just waste my whole day away and do what I want, on my terms...for like the entire day. So I'm definitely soaking it up right now. Literally

I was gonna go to the LSU game this weekend with my family, but that didn't work tonight I think I'm gonna go hang out with my sister, she's 22, and one of my best friends from high school and just visit, maybe eat (lightly) and watch their kids play...then it dawn on me for the 47th time this week that my biological clock is ticking and I need to get this show on the road. 

Update: I'm now at my sisters enjoying time with her and my sweet nephews while watching Johnny Football and Texas A&M get put to shame by Alabama. Ugh. Not that I'm a Johnny Football fan, but I am an LSU fan and we hate Bama. So go Aggies! 

And there you have it. My Saturday college football weakness appetizer things I rant about constantly.