Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm OBSESSED with seeing results...really.

Well hey again ya'll. Sorry I update so much, I just really feel like this is my way to vent. I like knowing I have all of this stuff documented and can go back and see how I feel every day as well as keep ya'll in the know about what's going on.

Oh and sorry I say "ya'll" so much too. I'm from Louisiana, so I got a little twang ;)

So anyway..let's see get on with the good stuff. Yesterday I felt like I ate SO MUCH! Like I was so full all day and I just kept on eating. I have no idea why, but I've really gotta kick that habit. THANKFULLY it didn't effect me though because this morning when I weighed, I weighed in at the absolute lowest I've weighed since 2009! YAY! I was very excited and I guess I realized that a bunch of little snacks and small meals really are better for you (which everyone's always told me anyway- I've just been too stubborn to believe it) So yeah. You can check out myfitnesspal if ya'll have that app and we can keep up with each other- my username is on the side of my main page somewhere. It's "imkarisanders" if you're lazy and don't wanna look.

I didn't exercise yesterday unfortunately. I really don't like exercise. I know it's really pathetic but I really hate it. I used to say I would rather starve myself than get a good workout in, but I really think that I'm gonna have to change that mindset as well, because results are so much better when you get a good fitness plan. So that's definitely one of my "to-do's" and i'm gonna do it SOON! I have no problem with walking a mile around the block or something every evening when I get home from work, but here lately, I've been so tired by the time I get home. Still...I shouldn't have excuses. How do ya'll do your fitness routine?! I would love to hear what you guys do so I can get my mind right.

So I'm sure all of you are so confused as to why I'm not posting my weight or full body pictures on here yet. Well first of all, I'm not going to post my weight until I get it where I'm comfortable saying it..and I have about 21 more pounds to go. Just know that my BMI is completely ridiculous and my weight is in the "obese" category. Which really gives me a complex. But as soon as I knock out these next 21 pounds, I will make all of that public knowledge :) and if you e-mail me or find me on social media, I will tell you. I'm just not comfortable putting that out there to the world yet and I hope ya'll understand. I do think I'll post a full body picture on here soon though. That doesn't scare me as much.

So this is really random blogging today because I'm typing as I go through my work day, but my old roommate and friend from high school, Katie, is getting married next April and I have got to stay motivated to get in shape for that. Because the other bridesmaids are all cute skinny divas. So ummm, yeah. I have to fit in there. And I love pictures, and I really have to bring my A game ;) I really don't want to be the whale in the sea of beta fish.

Anyway...back to the rambling. I REALLY need some good chocolate snacking options. I crave chocolate literally all day long. And I know I've mentioned this before, but really. What do ya'll do when this happens? I have a big bag of the little Snickers Minis that I love to snack on. I keep it to a minimum of like 2 or 3 a day considering each one is 45 calories...but hey, it's better than the big ol' bar, right? So any reccomendations ya'll have...feel free to share! Hope everyone has a great Thursday...I know I'm sure ready for the weekend, so bring it on Friday!