Monday, August 26, 2013


Well hey y'all. I feel like I haven't wrote in this thing in forever which in reality it's only been like 3 days'ish...if that's even a word?!

But yeah. I'm downsizing scrub pants and I couldn't be more excited. I'm going to a MEDIUM. And that sounds pretty skinny. Which I'm far from skinny but least I'm not ashamed to check out at the store with my medium scrub pants like I was with the large. Lol. Still not down a size in my top though. GRRRRR. I have pretty large tata's so that may be my excuse in that department. Although that excuse won't last forever.

But yeah, I'm feeling pretty good today. It's nice when you can see results in your clothes. Like I've never been so happy about busting a sag. Seriously.

SOOO! There's my feelings in a nutshell. What have y'all been up to?! Any fun stories? Let me hear em because I'm kind of sitting here staring at the rain for the rest of the evening. Hah. 

You can't really see my baggy pants there. Ugh. Let me try this again....

There's a better idea...and last but not least. A facey. My terminology for a selfie of the face ;)

Ok. Bye.